Accessing IPEP Online Safety Videos & Individual Training Courses

Many of our Indiana communities are now creating alternative work schedules to obey the social distancing recommendations provided by Governor Eric Holcomb.

We are committed to your safety, and we have safety resources available to our members with the click of a button. Many of our members are now looking for work-from-home tasks for their employees, and as a reminder, IPEP has online safety videos and online individual training courses available. This will allow employees the option of completing OSHA required training at home during this challenging time.

Total Safety Video Length (Approximately): 39 Hours

Total Safety Course Length (Approximately): 36 Hours

To ensure each of you has access to these resources, we are outlining procedures here for accessing training videos and individualized training, as well as attachments that will help you to better utilize the full range of topics available.


  1. Please refer to the .doc attachment: Safety Videos

  2. This document provides step-by-step instruction for login and access of videos, a list of video topics with times/length, and a checklist, which employees may use to document their training for an employer / OSHA

  3. Please initial the safety video you have watched. Please date, print and sign you name at the end of this document. This document will be placed in your employee training record. Please email a copy of this employee training document to [email protected]

  4. If you do not have login information for the website or have issues accessing your password, please submit a request for assistance at:


  1. Please refer to the PDF attachment: SSO - Individual Training Classes

  2. This document provides an alphabetical list of training classes, as well as detailed descriptions of each

  3. There are no limits to the number of classes you can request for an individual

  4. To initiate requests for employee training, please submit a request for assistance at: