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“We at City of Westfield care very deeply about the safety of our workforce. We are very grateful to IPEP for their assistance in providing funding for this important training and updating of our safety manual. Our employees, and therefore our entire community, will benefit from these improvements.” Mayor Andy Cook


“I can’t thank you all enough for this. We really appreciate everything that IPEP does for us. This will help us get a start on becoming a VPP in the State of Indiana.” Dana Haley, Huntingburg


“Thank you for awarding Woodburn money towards radios! When I explained this to the Police Chief at last night's meeting, he began to do some kind of celebration dance.” Timothy Cummins, Woodburn


“I wanted to let you know that we now have our new "AED Plus" machine on our bucket truck, ready to go. We cannot thank you enough for the grant money to help pay for this important piece of equipment!”

Don Cobb, Montezuma Utilities Department


“So thrilled!!!” Dotty Miller, DeKalb County


“Wow! This is wonderful news! We are very appreciative of this award! Thank you!” Kelli Knauer, DeKalb County Community Corrections


“Fantastic news! Thank your very much for this opportunity.”

Dirk Garriott, Veedersburg Town Manager


“I really want to thank you & IPEP for doing this. I think it was an excellent idea. Hopefully it was a success for IPEP & hopefully they can do the program again in the near future.”

Ryan Hartzler, Patriot Insurance Group


“That is great news and thank you for letting me know. This will be a great tool for the Shelbyville fire department to be able to use and reduce injuries. Thank you for your support!” Brady Claxton, Pfenninger, Claxton, & Estelle

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IPEP is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation organized in December 1989. Its purpose is to operate a self-funded group program for the purpose of satisfying the obligations of the members under the Indiana Workers' Compensation Act, the Indiana Workers' Occupational Diseases Act and the Indiana Employers' Liability Act. Membership in IPEP is limited to political subdivisions and governmental entities of the State of Indiana.

Toll Free: 800-382-8837

Phone: 765-457-9161

P.O. Box 1247

Kokomo, IN 46903-1247

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