IPEP Safety Grant Program

IPEP Safety Grant Program Application

Has the member applied for and/or received safety related grants previously?

The IPEP Grant Program is a program with safety/training incentives that can be applied for by any  current member of IPEP. Each entity is eligible to apply for an incentive of up to 80% of the purchase  price for safety equipment or safety programs which will reduce or limit their worker’s compensation  exposure. Examples of eligible equipment and programs include but are not limited to: ambulance  cots and associated equipment, stair chairs, safety glasses, bullet proof vests, manhole hoists,  confined space entry equipment, safety related footwear, ergonomic evaluations and/or equipment,  desk dollies and other safety related training and equipment.

Does Applicant have approved or appropriated funds for their share of the grant?

Please describe in detail how the funds will be used. Please include the value of the  safety/training measures and who or what will be positively impacted by the implementation  of the training/purchase. Please advise how compliance with the training/purchase will be  enforced. What is the member’s plan to maintain any equipment purchased? 

Applications will be accepted from now through midnight October 1, 2020. Applications  should be legible and organized. Grant recipients will be announced by November 6, 2020  and funds will be distributed January through March of 2021. Purchased items are subject to  inspection by an IPEP representative at any time.

Rev 06/2020

Thank you for submitting your application.  Questions: Email Aaron Alsup at [email protected] or Nevena Stanley at [email protected]