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In March of 2018, IPEP announced a partnership with Unemployment Tracker. Unemployment Tracker provides a TPA service that manages unemployment claims from start to finish; IPEP has hired Unemployment Tracker to provide this value-added service to its members. These services will be performed at no additional cost to IPEP members.


Unemployment Tracker will

  • Manage all Unemployment and Wage Verification Claims for specified State UI Accounts

  • Provide client professional representation to State Agencies for unemployment claims and appeals

  • Unemployment Tracker will provide a UI Hearing Preparation/Info Document at no cost

  • UI Claims Hearing Representation by phone is available for a fee to the member

  • Provide access to Client UI claim reports including: new claims, protests, hearings, and charges

  • Audit charge statements to identify and protest over-payments

  • Audit protests to determine where improvements can be found



The following commitment will be requested from the IPEP member to receive this service:

  • As required by Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Client will designate Unemployment Tracker (as UI Steward) as Agent of Record to perform Unemployment Tracker services

  • Timely response to Unemployment Tracker claim administrator emails for the purposes of researching UI claim-related information and payroll data

  • Access to all pertinent information necessary to protest claims and contain UI costs for Client

  • Ongoing support as needed to determine viability of protests and other audited items to ensure compliance with UI requirements and to ensure effectiveness of UI program

  • Client will forward any correspondence, claims information, or separation data received immediately to Unemployment Tracker to ensure deadlines are met


Member Information

Connect With Our Member Specialist

Celina Osborn

Benefits Specialist

Office: 800-382-8837

Fax: 765-868-3310



Welcome to Unemployment Tracker

Your Unemployment Insurance Claim Services Team  


As a member of IPEP, your unemployment insurance (UI) claims management can now be performed by Unemployment Tracker. Our goal is to help you control the expensive, complex, and time-consuming UI claims process. Let us take this off your plate so you and your team can continue to focus on running your organization. We are here to help you.  


Unemployment Tracker’s full-service team is known to the Indiana DWD as UI Steward. Going forward, you will be establishing the name UI Steward as your agent. Welcome aboard!  


How to Begin  

Assigning your new Agent  


The Indiana Department Workforce Development has a self-service employer portal for employers to communicate with the agency. To properly service your unemployment account in the state of Indiana, UI Steward must be assigned as your agent on the state website. If you have not already done so, please visit the website to register and assign UI Steward as your agent. See the instructions on the next page.  


If you do not have an account established visit the state website at  


Indiana Workforce Development requires that each employer register to use online services made available by the agency. The Employer Self Service (ESS) section is called Uplink. This section allows employers to manage their company profile, view historical tax and wage data and give secure access to users (employees and/or outside payroll agents).  


Employers utilizing an Agent, or Third-Party Admin (TPA) such as UI Steward, to manage their unemployment insurance benefit matters must give authorization to their agent for them to receive information directly from Workforce Development.  





Instructions for assigning Unemployment Tracker’s UI Steward as your Agent  


It is important that you assign UI Steward online access to your unemployment insurance information as well as assigning the role of correspondence agent. This will notify the state agency to send unemployment related documents directly to UI Steward, saving valuable time and allowing faster action on your behalf.  


If UI Steward is not assigned as your agent for correspondence, this will result in a delay in our receipt and processing of your unemployment compensation documents. Any delay in the process may result in unnecessary liability against your unemployment tax account.  


To give us authorization to receive information directly from Indiana DWD, please follow these steps in Uplink:  


Assigning your Correspondence Agent

  1. Go to:   

  1. In the middle section click Access Uplink Employer Self Service.  

  1. Enter the username and password established during your initial online registration.  

  1. On the Employer Home Page, click Profile Maintenance then click Assign Agents.  

  1. Click the Search button next to Agent Details.  

  1. Enter UI Steward’s Agent ID of 116107 in the search box then click Search.  

  1. Select UI Steward then click Next.  

  1. In the drop-down box Correspondence Type, select Benefits. Be sure to read the Important Information section (right side of page) and check the box in that section.  

  1. Click the Assign button that appears two-thirds of the way down the page. The assigned agent information will appear in the bottom section of the page to show the assignment has been confirmed.  


Assigning your Online Access  


  1. Click User Maintenance (left side of page) then locate the External Account Authorization section at the bottom of the page and select  

  1. Click on Search, to the right of the Agent Name entry box.  

  1. Enter UI Steward’s Agent ID of 116107 in the search box then click Next.  

  1. Select UI Steward then click Next.  

  1. In the drop-down box, Auth Level (authorization level) select level Benefits View. Be sure to read the Important Information section (right side of page) and check the box in that section, then click Next.  

Signup Instructions

1. Press Uplink  

button on right side of screen


 2. Once at the Self Service site,  

select New User and follow  

instructions to create your  

username and password. Have  

your FEIN available.  

Connect With Our Unemployment Tracker Specialist

Andrea Frederick

Phone: 616-818-1968

Fax: 765-868-3310



Does My Organization Need Unemployment Insurance?

Why does my organization need help with Unemployment Insurance (UI) in Indiana?

The Department of Labor has found that Indiana's unemployment benefits program suffers from an improper payment rate of 10%. That kind of error rate is costing Indiana employers millions of dollars annually. Inefficiency in the unemployment insurance process plagues every state and it hurts both workers and employers. An essential part of the claims management process is catching errors. Understandably, many employers don't have the resources or expertise to effectively manage claims and reduce their costs.

What is a TPA?

The UI claims process can unnecessarily burden your staff with paperwork. If any of the submission deadlines are missed, your organization could incur costly fines. To prevent unnecessary over payment of benefits and to minimize unemployment costs and risks, it’s recommended that all employers take advantage of professional third-party administrators (TPA). It takes experience, persistence, and time to maintain an effective in-house UI program. As your TPA Unemployment Tracker takes the claims process off your plate, so your team can focus on doing what it does best - running your organization!


Unemployment Tracker's team of expert claims examiners are dedicated to reducing your liability and ensuring you have control of this very controllable cost. As your agent, Unemployment Tracker is authorized to receive and respond to your UI-related correspondence from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Remember, we work for you. We proudly offer an industry-leading level of transparency for all our activities. IPEP members enjoy opt-in access to on-demand reports to track claims, protests, hearings, and liability amounts.



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