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Who is Eligible?

Find our if your team is eligible for IPEP's benefits

Membership in IPEP is limited to public entities, political subdivisions and special taxing units of the State of Indiana.  To be eligible, an applicant must be a governmental entity or political subdivision of the State of Indiana as described in IC 34-6-2-49, IC 34-6-2-110 and IC 34-13-3-22.


To become a member, eligible public entities should complete the following steps.

(a)  file an application with the Plan Administrator, Public Risk Underwriters

(b)  be approved for membership by IPEP’s Plan Administrator

(c)  an authorized executive officer of the entity should execute a Membership Agreement

(d)  execute any additional documents that may be necessary as required by the Board or any agency of the State of Indiana, and

(e)  submit to inspections by IPEP's Plan Administrator or its designee.


Some of the types of governmental employers that have become members in IPEP include Cities, Towns, Counties, School Corporations, Townships, and other special taxing entities.

Are you eligible for membership?

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