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This is your resource for answers to the questions we field most often about IPEP.  Please visit Risk Management, Employee Benefits or Claims for more information on our programs.

What is the average membership term?

The standard IPEP membership term is 12 months. IPEP has many members who have been members for more than twenty years.

Does IPEP have an active risk management program?

Yes! IPEP considers risk management safety to be a cornerstone of its success. Credentialed Risk Management Specialists provide the highest level of safety training and risk management.

How much does it cost to join?

IPEP members do not pay a capitalization fee to join. Each applicant to the pool is subject to underwriting which takes into consideration risk management practices, payroll exposures and past loss experience. IPEP rates are based on those filed by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.

What are IPEP's payment terms?

To cover administration and reinsurance costs, member contributions to IPEP are due by the coverage effective date.


Do the members of IPEP have protection against catastrophic losses?

IPEP maintains specific and aggregate excess coverage for the Plan through EMC Insurance Companies. EMC is rated "A" by AM Best, admitted in the State of Indiana.


Does IPEP coverage include Employers' Liability?

Yes, IPEP provides the following limits for claims filed under the Indiana Employers' Liability Act (higher limits are available up to $5,000,000):

bodily injury by accident

$1,000,000 each employee

bodily injury by disease

$1,000,000 each employee

all bodily injury

$1,000,000 all employees - aggregate

How can we find out more about IPEP?

Prospective members are urged to contact their local independent insurance agent. If you are not currently represented by an independent insurance agent, contact the Public Risk Underwriters Sales Department.

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