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Public Safety Program

Public Safety Program

The IPEP Public Safety Program is a collaboration between members, risk managers, and vendor partners focused on the safety, health, and well-being of our frontline workers.

Public Safety - All Departments

ProTeam Tactical Performance

As an exclusive IPEP partner, ProTeam utilizes comprehensive programs, compassionate experts, and state-of-the-art equipment. They help tactical professionals stay healthy, improve their job performance, recover faster, and return to duty in a safe and efficient manner.

Departmental Safety Inspections

An in person walkthrough of your facilities to identify possible hazards and prevent future injuries and illnesses.

Wellness & Fitness Program

Online warm up exercises for weight training and fitness plus a sample wellness and fitness policy to assist public safety personnel. These policies can be incorporated into the dynamic of your specific department.

Limited Duty Sample Policy

A sample written policy that establishes the guidelines and procedures for limited duty assignments.

Emergency Services Ergonomic and Wellness

A first responder manual detailing risks and injury prevention. Content includes responding to and fighting fires, performing rescues, responding to emergency medical care, and handling hazardous material incidents.

Active Shooter In-Person Training

This 4-hour in-person training instructs on recognizing the warning signs of potential violence, the motivations of active shooters, the mindset to employ, and the physical steps employers and employees must take to prepare for an active shooter situation.


Fire Mayday Safety Training / Leadership in the Fire Service

A customized PowerPoint that assists with training firefighting personnel.

Police and Jail

Verbal Judo Training

This 4-hour in-person training delivers practical and easy to learn strategies, which empower individuals to effectively deescalate conflict and potential violence.

Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit Guidelines and Stop Stick Training

Risk Management professionals assist departments with implementing policy and provide Stop Stick PowerPoints to include with your departmental vehicle pursuit training. This provides examples of a vehicle pursuit policy that is more specific than minimum state guidelines.

Jail Field Training Program

A sample written program that provides new officers with essential tools, knowledge, and training.

ProTeam Tactical Performance

ProTeam Tactical

What Does ProTeam Offer IPEP Members?

When it comes to tactical professionals, including firefighters, police officers, military personnel, paramedics and others, we need to do more. At ProTeam Tactical Performance, we are committed to maximizing health and recovery after an injury, helping professionals meet the demands of their job, and reducing the risk of repeat injury so they’re always prepared for the next mission.

  • Elite athletic based rehabilitation and physical therapy program.  Learn More

  • Technology based assessment and injury prevention program with the DARI MotionSystem

  • Watch DARI MotionSystem in use at Whitestown Fire Department:

Innovative Strategies to Reduce Backfill and Overtime

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