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Working from Home: Creating a Healthy Setup

healthy at home work set up

Many of our members are temporarily working remotely - in the comfort of their own home.

It's important to understand the musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk factors when working in these temporary workspaces. Below are some tips for a healthy setup:

  • Your legs should fit comfortably under your desk/table. Your forearms should be parallel with your desk/table. If your chair sits too low, adding a pillow may increase support and provide a better fit.

  • When sitting up straight and looking forward, your vision should be at the top of your monitor. If you monitor sits too low, try resting it on a book to bring it up to the height of your natural vision line.

  • Change your posture often. It is recommended to stand up and take a break every 25 minutes and do stretching techniques.

  • A rolled towel can be used in place of a lumbar support pillow if you do not have one. This may be helpful for those with low back pain.

  • The hips and thighs should form a 90 degree angle when sitting. Using a foot rest to lift your feet can help increase circulation and provide additional stretches for mobility.



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