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City of Columbia City - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"We have been with IPEP for several years now and I have appreciated their prompt processing of work injury claims and their excellent assistance in the risk management area. They are readily available to us when we need safety training and offer knowledgeable insight into areas we need to improve upon. When we saw the opportunity for a safety grant we decided to apply for AED units.

A recent health assessment for our Wellness Program indicated that heart disease was one of the top areas of concern for our work population. This information, combined with the fact that we also have our own Electric Utility Department, meant that this could heighten the possibility of a workplace cardiac arrest. We felt that purchasing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units for all of our City facilities would assist us to provide all our employees with the best possible outcome if they went into cardiac arrest. We appreciate the opportunity to provide each department with an AED unit through this safety grant."

-City of Columbia City


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