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City of Kokomo - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"The City of Kokomo has been a partner with IPEP since 2008. IPEP provides the utmost professional and reliable services to the City of Kokomo, and its employees. IPEP provides advice and guidance on all worker compensation matters in a timely and efficient manner. IPEP has also worked in partnership with the city to ensure the safety of all city employees. City of Kokomo employees have benefited greatly from the hands on training and seminar opportunities provided by IPEP. Promoting a safe work environment is a priority not only for the City of Kokomo but also for IPEP.

The City of Kokomo was one of the recipients of the 2019 Safety Grant Awards through IPEP. These grant monies provided an opportunity for the City of Kokomo to purchase an LED Solar-Powered Message Board. The LED Solar-Powered Message Board will be used to assist in directing traffic and to ensure a safer work environment for all City of Kokomo employees.

-City of Kokomo"


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