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LaGrange Volunteer Fire Dept. - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"In 2018, the LaGrange Fire Department applied for and was awarded a grant from your company to acquire equipment to manage our large diameter fire hose in a safer and more efficient manner. We have had several opportunities to use this equipment, and it has made a world of difference for us when it comes to rolling and reloading our large diameter fire hose.

Each of these 5”x100’ hoses has a dry weight of approximately 110 pounds. With a residual amount of retained water in these hoses, that weight can easily exceed 150 pounds. With the hose rolling equipment acquired with our grant, we have greatly reduced the amount of labor required, and associated risk of injury to our firefighters when having to drain, roll, and reload this hose onto our trucks. Without your grant, this much needed equipment would not be available to our department.

Thank you to the Indiana Public Employer’s Plan, IPEP, for funding our 2018 grant request, and making our job a little easier and a lot safer.


LaGrange Volunteer Fire Dept."


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