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New Haven-Adams Township - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"As the Deputy Chief of Fire/Ems for New Haven Adams Township I would like to express my gratitude for being selected as a grant recipient in 2019. The funds received from the grant process helped us secure Stryker Power Load cots for our 3 ambulances. These Power Load units are a vital tool in reducing the potential for back injuries for our employees. Back injuries can be very costly to any organization and may also prove to be very costly and potentially carrier ending to any employee. As an employer we strive to provide a safer work environment for our work force as well as the citizens we serve. The funds received thru the IPEP grant program have afforded us the opportunity to place these Power Load units on our apparatus immediately. We would like to Thank IPEP for choosing us as a Grant recipient and for making employee safety a priority."

-New Haven-Adams Township


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