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Town of Monroe - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"Since we joined IPEP, we have really benefitted from the extra learning experiences that IPEP provides. I see them at many of the conferences and meetings that I attend. They are there not only to solicit the services that they provide but most importantly, they participate in the programs as well, doing presentations about safety and the best practices for safety. They host numerous safety seminars every year around the state, that focus specifically on safety with many great speakers and various venders that offer various safety related products. As if that isn’t enough, they offer a Safety Grant opportunity to their clients. This grant is and has been very important to my utilities departments. It has made it possible to get the various pieces of safety gear needed to make safe entry into confined spaces. Prior to receiving this grant, we did not have any safety gear for confined space. Thank you IPEP!

-Town of Monroe"


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