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Town of Santa Claus - 2019 Safety Grant Recipient Testimonial

"As a recent recipient of the IPEP Safety Grant, I would like express my gratitude to IPEP for sponsoring such a program, and that this is but one of the many benefits we have garnered from our relationship with IPEP.

I have been personally involved with IPEP since the early nineties. In that time, we (the Town of Santa Claus) have received excellent training via on site; as well as, off-site training from IPEP personnel. Not only has the training been incorporated into our daily tasks, but has also broadened our perspective into an over-all safety approach. The town will use the safety grant funds mainly for the purchase of personal protective equipment to include, steel toed shoes, safety glasses/face shields, chain saw chaps, and hi-viz garments, to name just a few.

Again, our sincere thanks to IPEP for sponsoring a beneficial grant program, and for being such a strong partner of utilities such as ours."

- Town of Santa Claus


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