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Plan Deductibles and Health Savings Account (HSA) Reminders

Plan Deductibles

Your deductible was reset to $0 January 1. All plans cover preventive care at 100%. Unless your medical visit is billed strictly as preventive care with preventive diagnosis and service codes, expect to have some cost share at your next visit.

High Deductible Health Plans & Health Savings Accounts

If you're enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you may begin making contributions for 2020 into your Health Savings Account (HSA). Those with Single coverage may contribute up to $3,550. Those with Family coverage may contribute up to $7,100. Those 55 or older may contribute an additional $1,000. Please talk to your Financial or Tax Advisor for additional details.

Contributions into your HSA must cease once you are enrolled in any part of Medicare.


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