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Telehealth Offers Convenient Alternative to Office Visits

You might not realize it, but your smartphone is part of a healthcare revolution. Telehealth is making communication between doctors and patients faster, more effective and more efficient than ever before. With live video chats and no waiting rooms, telehealth is improving patient outcomes while slashing costs.

“Telehealth is essentially a way for your healthcare provider, whether a doctor or therapist or anyone who provides that kind of clinical service, to reach out to you in your home and provide you with a similar service or similar level of care,” says Ted Spooner, who runs RespondWell, a telerehab clinic which uses wearable and gamification technologies to facilitate in-home physical therapy.

One of the main benefits of telehealth is improved patient outcomes. In part, this is because it helps to reduce the very factors that keep people from visiting doctors as regularly as they might otherwise want to – like cost, time and inconvenience. By reducing these barriers, patients can take more control over their health.

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