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SuperVision® Driver Monitoring Services

EMC partners with SuperVision to give you discounted access to their MVR and driver

monitoring services. This subscription can help make sure you’re putting safe drivers

behind the wheel and alert you when a driver receives a violation.

Subscription details:

SuperVision Disclaimer

SuperVision is intended as a driver monitoring and motor vehicle report service for EMC

policyholders and is not intended as legal or professional advice. EMC Insurance Companies is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by SuperVision. In no event will EMC Insurance Companies be liable in tort or in contract to anyone who has access to or uses reports produced by SuperVision to make employment decisions. State and federal regulations related to qualifications for commercially licensed drivers are subject to change. Employers should always use the most current requirements and make employment decisions based on the advice of their own legal and risk control experts.

Benefits of SuperVision

  • Know when a driver receives a violation

  • Meet federal and state requirements for CDL drivers

  • Make sure you only hire safe drivers

Save money on your insurance premiums*

  1. Visit the SuperVision site and select Get Started. Fill in your company information on the SuperVision site

  2. Enter the EMC referral code. To get EMC’s preferred rates, be sure to enter EMC’s referral code during your registration. Referral Code: EMCDISCOUNT

  3. Customize service with SuperVision. A SuperVision representative will contact you to customize your service based on location, company divisions, desired notifications, etc.

  4. Start monitoring** You’ll receive initial motor vehicle reports for your uploaded driver, along with continuous monitoring to alert you to changes.


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